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Public Records Request

Records Access Officer: Pamela Anderson

Title: Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Agency: Norton Public Schools

Mailing Address:
Norton Public Schools
64 West Main Street
Norton, MA 02766

Telephone: (508) 285-0100 x1 option 2


Making a Request:

  • A request can be made to the Records Access Officer as follows: hand delivery; first class mail; or email.
  • Provide your name, mailing address, telephone number and email in your request.
  • The records request must be reasonably described.

Fees: The RAC can waive or reduce fees if the request serves the public interest and is not primarily for commercial purposes; or if the requestor does not have the financial ability to pay the full fee.

  • Copies are: $.05 per page, for black and white, either single or double-sided.
  • Employee Time: If the employee time exceeds 2 hours (search, retrieval, segregation, redaction and production), the hourly rate of the lowest paid employee that can perform the task may be included.

Within 10 business days after the RAC receives your request, you will receive a response in writing. This response could include the information you requested, an estimated fee to complete your request, or an explanation that the RAC cannot comply within the 10 days deadline.

Categories of Records that the Norton Public Schools Maintain

  • Financial Records
  • School Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Service Contracts
  • Other